Mr.K.R.Kamalakar – CHAIRMAN

Mr.K.R.Kamalakar, Chairman of the Bavina Cars India Limited, is a pioneer who had the vision and courage to get away from the beaten track and create institutions through vision, risk and initiative which today influences not only the immediate community but the country at large.

Mr.K.R.Kamalakar has attracted the attention of both corporate analysts and investors not only for the scale of his new investments but also for his continued, progressive and innovative contributions to industry and business. His vision aims at creating industries which will not only provide employment and create wealth but make a positive difference to society and environment. Always seeking out new areas of operation, his ventures include, iron mining, infrastructure, Construction, Land developer and Educational Institutions for more than two decades.

Mr.K R Kamalakar, busy involvement with industrial projects notwithstanding, finds time to actively participate in various civic and welfare activities.


Mr.D.Jai Bharath, Managing Director of the Bavina Cars India Limited, an Engineering Graduate in A.M.I.E., (Chemical) and Diploma in mechanical engineering with a wisdom to create a life of passion, purpose and peace.His main aim is to reduce carbon pollution in GLOBE and limited dependence on petroleum products. From this great inspiration motivated him to bring the eco-friendly, environment oriented and pollution free vehicles like
4 wheelers , 3 wheelers , 2 wheelers . His eco – friendly innovations like electric cycle , solar cycle, solar charging stations ,solar powered try cycle, eco-sprout making machines etc..

Apart from BAVINA CARS INDIA LIMITED, He is one of the director for DIKE BUSINESS SERVICE LIMITED and Environmental advisor for SREE RAJA RAJESWARI METALS & ORES PRIVATE LIMITED. He had software business, Construction business especially GREEN CONCEPT Buildings etc.. He is technical consultant for many companies like solar power projects , Water purification plant etc.. He had over 20 years industrial experience in chemical, mechanical sectors . He is passionate about energy conservation systems. Since from 15 years he is doing research in green projects like solar, bio-diesel, energy conservation systems, water conservation systems etc. Since from 2005 he is doing research in electric cars. He is doing R&D on making solar electric passenger vehicles .

He is a social responsible person he participates in many social activities , social awareness programs, environmental seminars . He believes in educating the children about environmental importance from child hood makes very good result for future.

His life ambition project is to make forests with in 100 acres for each major cities surrounded by a lake connected to a canal there by continuous oxygen production , continuous carbon consumption makes our globe clean and green.

Mr. R.Anand Reddy – DIRECTOR

Mr.R.Anand Reddy, Director of the Bavina Cars India Limited, is very dedicated and sincere industrialist and business man. He is very actively participated in his family business of mining, Farming, Land Developments and Educational Institutes along with his elder brother Mr.K.R.Kamalakar. Also participate in Infrastructure and construction business.

Mr.R.Anand Reddy, busy involvement with industrial projects notwithstanding, finds time to actively participate in various social and welfare activities. He is member of Lions Club since 2009 and does lots of Social Service works.


Mr.T.G.Ram Mohan, C.E.O of the Bavina Cars India Limited, is a Commerce and Law Graduate with over three decades of experience in Finance and Operation in various fields from Manufacturing, Trading and Hospitality Industries.

His job profile did not confine only maintenance of regular accounts but also liaising with company’s bankers, financiers, auditors and other financial institutions and to monitor and handle day to day Operations of the Concern. He was able to handle the various company’s affairs to the utmost satisfaction of its owners/Directors. He is trustworthy, dedicated and promising person who would deliver much better than what was expected of him in the given circumstances.

He had been worked for nearly a decade in the region of Gulf, Far East with the head office in Dubai. Also travelled to USA, Africa and UK on the Official works. Result Oriented and Capable to Handle at any Given Circumstances.